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Charles Lantz Cabinetry
creates "wrap-around" kitchen extraordinaire! - August '07 feature

CLC cherry wood kitchen

Pam & Tim O'Regan of O'Regan's South Shore Toyota, first spoke to Charles Lantz in November of 2006. By April, '07, his part of their new home construction was complete. "He was fantastic," says Pam.

CLC cherry wood kitchen

Take a step into the fabulous kitchen and it's easy to forget it was actually built in the Charles Lantz Cabinetry (CLC) shop, then delivered and installed - a perfect fit.

CLC cherry wood kitchen

Pam found it difficult to decide on the style, but when she saw the story on Mike Zinck's cabinetry, she was sold on a framed cherry wood kitchen with a dark stain. "I love his kitchen," she says.

"Pam helped design and developed the kitchen," Charles says with satisfaction. "We made it work." You can see part of the pantry from this vantage point.

Charles Lantz pantry Charles Lantz pantry Charles Lantz pantry

This Charles Lantz Cabinetry pantry fits into a small space just off of the kitchen. From left, this is the view of the pantry from a kitchen entryway; next we look straight into the pantry from the hall, and finally we're looking towards the kitchen from just outside the pantry. The supporting brace for the pantry's upper cabinets are an example of Charles Lantz Cabinetry's eye for beautiful detail.

CLC mantel's beautiful CLC mantel details

These photos show the O'Regan's mantel and built-in shelving. It not only looks terrific from across the spacious room - get closer and see the beautiful fit between the cabinetry and brickwork!

CLC mudroom Charles Lantz mud room CLC mantel details

The carefully planned and executed mud room - set up like lockers, plus the built-in cherry wood pantry, message centre and upstairs laundry room (not shown) help make the O'Regan's house a smoothly-functioning, practical dwelling as well as a fabulous home.

Joining Charles Lantz Cabinetry's Roy Parsons in the O'Regan Project were his assistants Melburne McGinnis, Kyle Veinot, Brent Strong and Trevor Creaser. The house contractor was Derrell Wentzell.

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