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Gill wanted to see the water while working at the sink . . .
and there's not a thing she'd change!

"Where the finest is standard!"
Feature Kitchen November '07

CLC painted kitchen

Gill and Geoff's kitchen design started with her wish to see the water while working at the sink. "The view is very important," she notes. "The great thing about Charles, he would make suggestions - we'd never built a house before and we appreciated the input. He's a perfectionist - he certainly likes his product to look good. We're very pleased."

CLC painted kitchen

Note the peninsula's raised back, as shown on the left. "We can sit in the sunroom," says Gill, "and not see the dishes on the counter." She is also impressed by CLC's "proud face" kick board and detailed panels on the outer of the peninsula; the raised levels of upper cabinetry and their varied heights.

CLC painted kitchen

The sink is at home in the kitchen peninsula - positioned perfectly according to Gill's requirements. Some were surprised she didn't want the stove top placed there instead. She thought about the typical amount of time spent at the sink and at the stove - the sink came out on top by far. "It wasn't the traditional design, but it works for us - there isn't one thing I would change. I love my kitchen!"

Charles Lantz cabinet CLC painted kitchen

Other features Gill appreciates are the deep drawers, the mobile bake center that stores ingredients (it's topped with a maple butcher block built by Gill and Geoff's son, Michael) as shown on the left, and the granite countertops. "Nova Tile know their product." she says. The couple went to their store in Burnside where they could see the slabs of granite and make the perfect choice.

Scotian Homes was the builder. "We wanted a local builder," says Gill, but couldn't find any - they were too busy." Needing an ICF (insulated concrete forms) basement added to the challenge.

Joining Charles Lantz for Gill and Geoff's kitchen were CLC team-members cabinet builder Roy Parsons, assistants Richard Hirtle, Trevor Creaser, and painter Brent Strong.

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