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European look - clutter-free kitchen
Charles Lantz design - "He's very clever, very talented."

Feature Project December '08
David John Lobb & Julie Lobb belong to the Charles Lantz Club

Charles Lantz custom kitchen

Julie Lobb and David John Lobb are preparing to leave London, England and move permanently to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

The first time they came through the town, they agreed it was fantastic. "It's a beautiful place," he says. "The quality of life - lovely people," she adds.

"Instead of buying the T-shirt," he adds, "we bought a house." David John is with Fusion Glass Designs, one of the world's leading decorative structural architectural glass companies.

CLC custom kitchen

click photo for larger version

CLC custom kitchen

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"We belong to the Charles Lantz Club," Julie says with a ready grin. "We're all people who are passionate about food.

"We hide everything away," she adds about their kitchen. It's the European look. We have stackables for laundry, Charles came up with the design - he's very clever, very talented."

"The kitchen," says David John, "is the focal place of any home - we wanted a warm feeling when you come in."

"It was quite the challenge," recalls Julie. "So many odd shapes to work around. I wanted something that looked like a dresser - I have 100 cookbooks. Charles' workmanship is absolutely fantastic!"

See how he made Julie's wish come true - check the photo group below - the top two images.


1. One small window in the kitchen made for a very dark room;

2. Although Julie and David John like wood, "timber floor, timber tops, timber cupboards," added to the gloom;

3. A full menu of odd shapes and angles;

4. The 89-year-old, post and beam house features solid oak including original unpainted oak trim;

5. They wanted the kitchen to be true to the living room's original Shaker style.

CLC custom kitchen CLC custom dishrack charles lantz butcher block CLC custom details CLC dishwasher is open dishwasher is hidden

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beautiful butcher block CLC custom details

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laundry in CLC cabinet laundry hidden in cabinet

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CLC used fine Canadian lumber on the counter tops and Nova Scotia granite for the butcher block.

"It's cold all the time - what a gift for any pastry making," says Julie - who's known for her exceptional pie making. Cabinetry was made flush to the ceiling thereby eliminating an easily-neglected dust collector. Photos to the left show another example of European design - now you see the stackable washer and drier, now you don't!

"His after-sale service is incredible," says David John. "It's very important, there's always a little tweaking to be done and he was extremely good. It denotes a good company."

For the Lobb build, the Charles Lantz Cabinetry crew included cabinet builder Dana Tanner, assistant Kyle Veinotte and spray painter Brent Strong.

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