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Calling Charles Lantz for a 2nd kitchen re-build 21 years later!

Charles Lantz Cabinetry - Where the finest is standard!
Feature Project November '08

CLC custom kitchen
CLC custom kitchen

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CLC custom kitchen

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Nancy and Harry Balcome liked their 21-year-old Charles Lantz kitchen so well, they went back for a second helping. "The company Charles was working for won the bid for the first kitchen," recalls Nancy. Three other companies pretty well said it couldn"t be done - the design was too custom for their factory made product.

"There was nothing wrong with the first kitchen." The Balcomes had three kids - they must have been doing something right as their home was popular with the kids. "Seemed like we had just about every teenager in Lunenburg County over," she adds with a smile. "The kitchen was worn out.

"Harry and I made the first maple island top - we wanted it back - I made a lot of peanutbutter sandwiches on that top. the maple was from our land. Harry sanded it down, then I used steel wool and mineral oil."

"We got a whole new kitchen, but it was the same kitchen. My friends couldn't believe it - it was even the same colour!"

The same, but different

"We changed a few little things," Nancy says. "The lights are different - we went from tracking to pots - there's no dimmers, but it's green lighting. The cupboards are now drawers. And I have the best cutlery drawer ever! A few of the cupboard doors fold out.

"My everyday dishes are in the drawer right across from the dishwasher.

CLC custom kitchen CLC custom kitchen CLC spice drawer CLC custom kitchen CLC custom kitchen

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CLC custom details CLC custom details CLC red block CLC lazy Susan

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Nancy liked her Lazy Susans so well she told Charles she wanted them in her new kitchen. The CLC crew gave them some TLC and they are good to go for at least another 21-plus years.

"Mom had five kids - she had a huge U-shaped kitchen - so much to clean!" Nancy and Harry and the kids lived in two minihomes before Harry designed and built their family home. "I was used to little kitchens. I didn't want a big kitchen. I wanted a large dining space for people."

CLC custom bathroom CLC custom bathroom

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While on the job, the CLC crew worked their magic on this downstairs bathroom. It's now home to a super blue bag collection system - hidden from view in this pair of very deep drawers.

"My husband is the idea man - Harry is in metal work. Charles' ideas and his ideas married real well. It's neat to have him back again."

The Charles Lantz Cabinetry crew were: Richard Hirtle the cabinet builder, Solomon Childs and Trevor Creaser were assistants and Brent strong sprayed the finish.

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