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"It was a piece of cake to work with his expertise & design knowledge."

Charles Lantz Cabinetry - Where the finest is standard!
Feature Project December '09

urban kitchen halifax

"It's a little on the urban side" says Sue Landry of Halifax. "It's definitely where I wanted to go with this."

chic kitchen nova scotia

Sue and her husband, Vance, met Charles a couple of years ago. The Landrys were shopping for "edgy" bathroom fixtures in Blockhouse at Nova Scotia Building Supplies - NSBS recommended Charles Lantz Cabinetry. Although he was unable to take on the job at the time, Sue and Vance liked Charles from the get-go.

When it came time to re-invent the kitchen, they knew who to call. "I had a long list of non-negotiables," she says. Sue wanted:

  • Clean, smooth lines
  • The colour grey, but not wood
  • An accessible, but hidden pantry
  • A peninsula that invited guests to relax over a glass of wine while she prepared the meal
  • The pot rack to go, the pots to be hidden
  • The peninsula to work with her laptop
modern kitchen nova scotia

Sue was confident in her choice of colour - a few months before the re-build, Vance painted the old cabinets grey. The investment of $25 and time spent was small in comparison to the certainty she felt in her choices.

gorgeous grey kitchen

She appreciated Charles' many suggestions. He found a place to store-and-hide the microwave when not in use (see the last row of photos). He centered the kitchen sink below the window and made the fridge's eight-inch overhang disappear into the cabinets.

halifax cabinetry by charles lantz

He swapped the stove and the fridge which removed a barrier to the sitting area. Although the house was structurally sound, it was home to some "wonky" walls. The CLC crew took it in their stride without a hitch.

microwave can be hidden from view clutter free kitchen hidden microwave nova scotia

click photo for larger version

Photo left, shows the microwave ready for use, the next photos show it hidden from view. "It was a piece of cake to work with his expertise and design knowledge," says Sue Landry.

Charles Lantz comment

"Sue and Vance were a delight to work with, they both are very busy people, with an eye for excellence. This is a kitchen you want to stay in and enjoy."

The Charles Lantz crew

  • Trevor Creaser, builder
  • Winston Wagner, assistant
  • Brent Strong, painter
  • Kyle Veinot assisted with installation

Others on the build-team

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