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Sunny spacious painted kitchen by Charles Lantz Cabinetry

"Where the finest is standard!"
Feature Project February '11

"It was great working with Charles, then his crew.
We worked together to maximize space. We have nice bright space solutions." - home owner

sunny kitchen, painted cabinetry

Kiloran & Elizabeth's kitchen went from cramped, gloomy and poorly laid out to spacious, sunny and overflowing with beautiful functionality. "Both of us love cooking and entertaining," says Kiloran. "Japanese, Italian, fish, different courses, dinner parties, simple too. In the summer we barbecue. We like to go to the Lunenburg market on Thursday and see what's nice and fresh."

beautiful painted kitchen nova scotia

The appliance garage is all but invisible - it's tucked beneath the upper cabinetry to the left.

beautiful painted kitchen

Space is maximized. Doors, right, open to one of CLC's popular pull-out pantries - a much better use of the area than the original mantelpiece.

sunny kitchen - pantry is open sunny kitchen beautiful cabinetry

From left, the pantry is open (there's even more pull-out shelving behind what's shown); above the fridge is a dandy platter cabinet; drawers rather than lower cabinetry further boost storage space. (Click photos for larger versions)

solid surface countertop beautiful custom kitchen

A solid surface countertop with integrated ledge houses the sinks. The mirror black splash adds light and space and makes it a grout-free kitchen. (Click photos for larger versions)

beautiful custom kitchen nova scotia

The kitchen makes a fine display space for the couple's Chinese pagoda roof-tile collection. The moldings tie in with the original trim - the house was built in 1886.

sunny bathroom vanity

In the bathroom, we continue the "Nice bright space solution." The-now inviting room has a "massive" amount of storage, the lovely sink and vanity fit in perfectly where there was once a toilet. The original claw tub was refinished, as a finishing touch, Kiloran and Elizabeth added a chandelier. (Click photos below for larger versions)

sunny spacious bathroom beautiful funtional bathroom
oval bathroom sink
guest bathroom - plenty of storage

Charles Lantz crew and comment

mirror kitchen backsplash

Richard Hirtle was the builder and installer of the kitchen and bar, assistants were Michael Drew and Winston Wagner. The kitchen countertops were constructed and installed by Dana Tanner. The office shelves and drawer unit was constructed by Roy Parsons. The guest washroom cabinetry was constructed by Trevor Creaser and installed by Trevor and Michael. Jeff Crouse did all of the spray painting.

"These ladies knew what they wanted, which made my work so much easier. I had a great time with all aspects of this work.Thanks from CLC!"

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