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Shaker kitchen, European styled - compact, high functionality & great looks

"Where the finest is standard!"
Feature Project June '11

"I'm absolutely thrilled with it - it's a pleasure working with Charles.
The crew was phenomenal. They show up and get it done." - South Shore homeowner

euro kitchen

"I love cooking," says Gail, a country homeowner on Nova Scotia's South Shore. And, she loves her new kitchen by Charles Lantz Cabinetry! "Nothing slams, every drawer is perfectly sized," she demonstrates while opening cupboards and drawers. As for closing, the cupboard doors do it themselves, while the drawers shut as smoothly and simply as they opened. "The finish is out-of-this-world and the shelves are all adjustable," she adds.

shaker kitchen packed with storage

"They did a superb job," notes Gail. Her husband, Mike, a retired Naval officer, is also an engineer, amateur cabinet and furniture maker. After he and Gail were taken on a tour of the shop by Charles, they were sold. "We knew we could never be satisfied with anyone else," she recalls.

china cabinet open china cabinet closed custom china cabinet china cabinet closed

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With purpose-built cabinets that extend to the ceiling, the amount of storage is far greater than it first appears. "We also particularly like the corner drawers, a great use of this space," says Mike. There's a lazy Susan in the other corner. The photos above show a pair of cabinets open, then closed. The left one houses Gail's 12-place set of China.

dandy trash sorter

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custom storage drawer pull-out pantry

Mike is particularly impressed with the degree of workmanship and functionality. Especially considering the 11.5 x 13 foot kitchen is home to four doors, two windows and a difficult fridge location. " It was a big challenge," he says. "It has been a pleasure to deal with [CLC] and we are very pleased with the results." The pull-out pantry and cupboard behind the fridge as shown on the right demonstrates there is no wasted space.

spice drawer efficient painted kitchen

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built-in fridge

"They were so careful with the install," says Gail. On the last day Trevor brought a small bottle of paint and a tiny brush to cover any marks. "Such attention to detail . . . we are very happy to be back in Nova Scotia."

Charles Lantz comments:

"This is a shaker kitchen, European styled. Mike and Gail were great to work with, they designed their kitchen completely and the end result was wonderful. Thank you for allowing CLC to help you with your project!"

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