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Contemporary and reduced architecture
CLC kitchen, interior doors, custom vanities, built-in shelving . . .

Charles Lantz Cabinetry Feature Project November '11

"Our main concern was to find a cabinet and furniture builder who had the capacity, ambition and know-how to follow our specifications." - South Shore homeowner

ultra modern home

House of perfection along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

white kitchen peninsula

Charles Lantz Cabinetry built the kitchen and much more for this beautiful new home.

white kitchen cabinetry

The custom cabinets are ready to fill.

beautiful kitchen cabinets

It's a wonderful view throughout the year from the kitchen, dining and living aeas.

sophisticated kitchen ultra modern dining room

Click for larger photos

european style cabinetry modern great room

The great room definitely lives up to its name. The custom window seat gives a front row to the ocean.

elegant living room

This oh-so-contemporary home delivers plenty of room for living.

sophisticated fireplace

Sophisticated fireplace features CLC cabinetry top and bottom.

designer cabinetry designer kitchen

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hardwood shelving hardwood workstation

The workstation.

built in closet

Home owner's comments:
"Following the concept of a contemporary and reduced architecture, our main concern was to find a cabinet and furniture builder who had the capacity, ambition and know-how to follow our specifications.

"With Norman Whynot on our side, we found Charles Lantz and his entire crew of cabinet builders were not only eager to fulfil the high demand on quality, European based measurements, special techniques and custom-made designs, they also had the ambition to finish the job at the highest level of craftsmanship.

solid core doors

"We thank Charles and his crew very much for their efforts, their warm welcome at the shop and finally the friendship which was the result of exceptional cooperation.

"Even the passion of Charles and some of his crew members for striped bass fishing cannot distract them from the finest carpentry work!"

Photo left and above: The interior features CLC custom doors throughout.

Click both for larger photos

modern double vanity built-in bedroom closet inset bedroom shelf

From left, one of three handsome vanities with double sinks, built-in bedroom closet and bedroom shelf.

ultra modern home

Quite the view!

CLC Builders, installers & finisher

  • Dana Tanner constructed and installed the kitchen, fireplace unit, long window seat, doors and three vanities.
  • Trevor Creaser constructed and installed the closets.
  • Kyle Veinotte constructed and installed the work station.
  • Assisting helpers were Winston Wagner and Melburne McGinnis.
  • Jeff Crouse did all the finish work.

Architect: Marc Voelkle

Charles Lantz comments:

"This was truly an all-custom project and a a pleasure for CLC to perform. We used white oak veneers for most of the job even on the passage door.

Thank you to the contractor Mr. Norman Whynot of Kinburn Property Company and to the owners for allowing CLC to help with the project. Yours truly, Charles Lantz"

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