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Remodelled kitchen - from the 1980s to today's best!

Charles Lantz Cabinetry Feature Project June '12

"The crew was fantastic, his prices really good and it was so fast!" - Paula Rennie

beautiful remodelled kitchen

When Marc Thibaudeau and Paula Rennie decided to remodel their 1980s kitchen, they knew Charles Lantz and crew were their guys. Friends - and their architect - had all recommended CLC.

painted kitchen remodelled

What a difference! "There was no dishwasher," Paula recalls. "The backsplash was missing grout - the almond coloured stove wasn't built-in." There were only three lights for the kitchen and dining area.
(See before photos below)

modern kitchen with butcher block
kitchen sink & fixture kitchen remodel details

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"The crew was fantastic," applauds Paula. "His prices are really good - affordable. And it was so fast! From the tear-down to putting everything away in the new kitchen was three weeks."

remodeled kitchen - corner details built in range corner cabinets

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"He went over-and-above to get it done. He's great to work with - he'll do anything you ask."

red painted bureau hidden storage

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"He will tell you what will work and what won't." says Paula. "He has a good design sense."

custom heater panel Hidden radiator with storage covered radiator

Radiators are hidden during the warmer months, and revealed in the winter.
The middle photo's unit at the end of the peninsula includes built-in shelving in the top section.

Paula & Marc's kitchen - before CLC!

before Charles Lantz Cabinetry before Charles Lantz Cabinetry before Charles Lantz Cabinetry
before Charles Lantz Cabinetry before Charles Lantz Cabinetry corner cabinets

CLC Builders, installers & finishers - also Lunenburg designer

  • Kitchen: Dana Tanner built and installed the kitchen with Richard Hirtle assisting
  • Jeff Crouse painted the kitchen
  • Retired architect Gerry Rolfsen from Lunenburg designed this great kitchen (902-634-8093)

Charles Lantz comments:

"Many thanks go to the owners, Paula and Marc for allowing CLC to do their project!"

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