feature of the month: December '14
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Mackay-Lyons Schoolhouse - CLC Feature Project December '14

"This was a great project to work on!" - Charles Lantz

Mackay-Lyons schoolhouse project

East Coast Living Fall Cover Story - Local tradition meets modern design in this unique schoolhouse on Nova Scotia's South Shore restored by celebrated architect Brian MacKay-Lyons. Charles Lantz Cabinetry is proud to have taken part in this remarkable project!

The Chebogue schoolhouse was moved 200 kilometres to join the smattering of modern and historic buildings on the architect's remote coastal property called Shobac near Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia.

Relying on local tradespeople, Brian used local materials and traditional techniques to bring the schoolhouse up to modern standards. "I have only ever learned about technology from tradespeople, not in architecture school," he says. "An architect is a generalist, someone who harnesses other people's energy. If you pretend you know everything, you won't get the best out of people."
For full story, click
East coast Living.

Modern table & coffee table

Photo: Will Green

Modern window seat

Photo: Will Green

black kitchen cabinets

Photo: Will Green

CLC crew:

  • The builder of the window seats and the kitchen was Roy Parsons. The table and coffee tables were built by Michael Drew.
  • The sprayer was Jeff Crouse (and Philip Creaser)


  • The cabinetry was designed by owner and architect Brian MacKay of
    MacLay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
  • The contractor was Philip Creaser of Creaser Woodworkers - ph 902-766-4166 or cell 902-521-3976. Philip did parts of the finishing touches on the cabinetry, applied the countertops and stained the tops. CLC helped Philip with the installation.

Charles Lantz comments:
"This was a great project to work on, because of the age and where the schoolhouse came from. I would like to thank Brian and Philip for allowing CLC to assist in this project!"
Yours truly, Charles Lantz and Staff

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