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Wow-factor cabinetry - highlights from 88 CLC feature pages!

Charles Lantz Cabinetry

kitchen island with storage

2013: Custom cabinetry throughout home - looks like new 10 years later! This beautiful kitchen island delivers plenty of storage - a hallmark of Charles Lantz kitchens. "We'll definitely go back to Charles - we'll be repeat business!" (Lake side homeowners Richard & Beverly.) Click for more!

custom modern kitchen

2012: CLC designed, built and installed this beautiful Shaker birch kitchen for Eric & Wanda Martell. It was their second CLC kitchen. "We had to have him for this. He is a master at what he does." Click for more!

2011: DD Veinotte Construction called on CLC for a perfect kitchen in their home in Sweetland - and that's exactly what they got. "They've worked together on projects before," says Lisa Veinotte. "Don really admires Charles' work." What she finds especially remarkable is the cabinetry was built in the CLC shop, yet when installed, everything fit to a "T." Click for more!

custom cherry kitchen

2010: Sandra and Gary Forsythe have lived in their Bridgewater home for 23 years. They recently finished a 13-year renovation project - one room at a time. Their last upgrade was the '70s kitchen. "Our friends had Charles Lantz kitchens that we really liked," recalls Sandra. "We looked at his website and went to him." Click for more!

urban kitchen halifax

2009: "It's a little on the urban side" says Sue Landry of Halifax. "It's definitely where I wanted to go with this." Click for more!

custom kitchen including hutch

2008: "Thank God for Charles! He thinks outside the box - he did a great job," says Sandy Hippern. Click for more!

wrap-around hardwood kitchen

2007: Pam & Tim O'Regan of O'Regan's South Shore Toyota, first spoke to Charles Lantz in November of 2006. By April, '07, his part of their new home construction was complete. "He was fantastic," says Pam. Click for more!

custom sophisticated kitchen

2006: Halifax homeowners asked Charles Lantz for sophisticated kitchen with smooth-as-marble finish. He added special touches including display cabinets that lit from the inside. Click for more!

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