2007's cabinetry features of the month
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Designer kitchens by Charles Lantz Cabinetry (2007)
Nova Scotia cabinetry, fine furniture & so much more!

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colorful kitchen thumbnail

Colorful kitchen

No fear of colour in this kitchen! It brings a cheery sunny mood to the house - even on the foggiest days.

Lunenburg Arms thumbnail

Commercial designs by CLC

Charles Lantz Cabinetry is also known for their beautiful commercial installations. The Lunenburg Arms called on them to design and build a welcoming reception area, as well as a fabulous bar.

cherry kitchen thumbnail

Feature of the Month: December 07

Cathie and Kelly Nelson are very happy with CLC. So much so, they've contracted a return engagement for their at-home office.

painted kitchen thumbnail

Feature of the Month: November 07

Gill and Geoff are very impressed with the work done by CLC. "It wasn't the traditional design," she says, "but it works for us - there isn't one thing I would change. I love my kitchen!"

painted kitchen thumbnail

Feature of the Month: October 07

Sue and Joe, a retired couple from the U.S., are part time residents who are away most of the year - after one such absence they returned to a dream kitchen by Charles Lantz Cabinetry.

painted kitchen thumbnail

Feature of the Month: September 07

For the second time, Carlyn and Gordon Baltzer chose Charles Lantz Cabinetry to outfit their new home.

cherry kitchen thumbnail

Feature of the Month: August 07

Pam and Tim O'Regan call on Charles Lantz Cabinetry for a fabulous wrap-around dream kitchen made out of solid cherry wood.

CLC fabulous kitchen

Feature of the Month: July 07

Mona Reeves of Chester Basin describes a house as a collection of empty rooms "The cabinets and finish work is what makes it a home."

1925 kitchen re-do

Feature of the Month: June 07

Carol Morrow turns to Charles Lantz Cabinetry to bring her vision to life. "I wanted to be respectful of the house, but fully functional."

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